Why Not Get A Grant?

by Anonymous

You mentioned that Agra-Cycle was only short a few thousand from completion of the Vee-Stack. Why don't they just get a government grant?

Great question! I contacted Agra-Cycle about this and I was surprised by the answer but I must admit I give them a of of credit and I have more respect because of it.

"Why don't you simply apply for a grant to help expedite the process?"

We have entertained this thought on more than one occasion, that is applying for a grant from private foundation. Perphaps at some point in the future we may pursue this but at the present time we are an all volunteer non-profit. Everything from the website to design has been graciously provided by volunteers and we would probably construct it in house if we had anyone who was a competent welder.

The short answer is #1, We simpy don't have any volunteers who have ever had any experience with writing grants. #2, Our By Laws specifically state that we would not pursue or accept any kind of grants or funding from any government source. We felt that if we were going to stand for sustainability we were not going to rely on tax payer money to fund our operations. That being said, there have been some "lively conversations" about the way our tax money has been wasted by the government and we have no intentions on being part of the problem."

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