What is going on here?

by Pat

OMG! How did this ever happen? What in GOD'S name was the EPA thinking? Maybe congress should be investigating this mess and leave baseball alone. I swear all I see out of Washington is a continued effort to destroy this country instead of trying to make it strong and independent! God help us!

Hi Pat,

It is crazy isn't it? You would think that this would be headline news, that everyone would already know this. Unfortunately, this will CONTINUE until there is enough outrage and politicians feet are held to the fire. How many babies have had birth defects and how many consumers have cancer because the food they ate was treated with toxic waste?
Who would have thought in their worst nightmares that the EPA would allow hazardous and radioactive waste that should be in secured waste site to be sprayed on our nations croplands?
But to allow them to do this WITHOUT any kind of warnings or labeling is unconscionable and they should be held accountable. The companies involved in dumping need to be held financially liable.
It is time for the Environmental Protection Agency to answer to the American public and be held responsible.

You can't help but wonder what else they have been up to that we haven't found out about yet!

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