Weeds happen, let's just face it. They blow over from your neighbors lawn and they even get dropped by birds. You will never be totally free of them, so why get all stressed about it?

Want to know the SECRET? (It has nothing to do with killing them!) For organic gardens it is using mulch. You can use a hoe and scrape across the top of your soil to kill them while they are still small. If you do this promptly, before they have a chance to go to seed, you will remove the majority of the problem.
For turf, it is about growing healthy grass that is so thick and lush that it over runs any threat. (If you doubt this talk to someone who fights to keep Bermuda out of their flower gardens.) This is a foundational principle to organic gardening so I am going to spell it right out so there is no misunderstanding. Your focus should be on growing not killing.

Do you have more crabgrass than grass? What you need to remember is that weed infestations can be symptomatic of a soil imbalance. Focus your energy instead on creating healthy, fertile soil with a proper pH level. You don’t want to get caught up into a killing frenzy! What you really want to learn to create a growing frenzy! You want to be building micro organism populations not destroying them.

However, if you need a product that is going to kill the crabgrass growing up through your sidewalk or driveway or just need to spot treat some problem areas, there are organic methods for taking care of the problem without exposing yourself to toxic chemicals and ruining your soils fertility.
If you think I am going to recommend horticultural or industrial strength vinegar, then you would be wrong.

A few years ago a mountain state began using vinegar to control them on the sides of the road. What happened was that it killed the vegetation, the micro-organisms and altered the pH so drastically that nothing grew back. What happened then was that the rain washed away the soil because there were no root systems to stabilize the soil and roads began collapsing from lack of support. Don't make that mistake on your property.

Instead, I suggest a product such as Avenger Weed Killer This product is approved for organic farming by the USDA NOP and is OMRI listed so you are not going to experience any of the negative effects listed above. It is a non-selective herbicide, meaning that it will kill anything, so you want to be very careful when you are using it or the over spray could damage neighboring plants.

I do not know why some get so animated (even angry) about weeds. Is it because of slick advertising or do people somehow feel that it is a bad reflection on themselves?You are not powerless! You can take that aggression right out to your front lawn, grab a hold of that sucker and show it what for!
The biggest mistake is to do nothing.

I get a lot of questions about chemical herbicides. So many people are looking for the miracle cure.They've heard so much on the radio and have seen the slick television ads that they become "conditioned" to accept it as fact.

Somewhere along the way people get suckered into the marketing fluff about a maintenance free lawn. “Just put this magic chemical on your grass and it will make it wonderful AND it’s going to give you problem free lawn. Honestly, do you really believe that?

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