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A Victory Garden in 1942 was a totally different construct than what most people think about gardens these days. In that time period the nation was in the grips of an international war. Nations fell under the military onslaught of a Godless tyranny spouting social justice as they perceived it. The infrastructure of The United States was stretched thin to supply the war effort. Commodities and distribution were sparse and non existent in rural areas. Citizens viewed it as a patriotic duty to can and preserve their own produce while canned goods were sent to feed our troops.

It was a time when the word Patriotism and Self Sufficiency had deep meaning. Victory gardens were seen as a civic duty a way for citizens to be a part of something greater than themselves. Americans were proud of their country and worked hard to take care of themselves and shoulder their own personal responsibility. There were no government offices dispensing prepaid electronic debit cards. Growing up, my grandparents taught me that taking a hand-out was a personal insult on ones own integrity. Well, those days are gone now aren't they?

Start Your Own Victory Garden

Waking up from a long slumber from then until now, Rip Van Winkle might just think that the enemy has won after all! It would seem those liberties and freedoms given by God to pursue happiness and a dream of our own have been taken over by a corrupt government that enforces social justice through political expediency. Our elected representatives have sworn an oath to represent us have instead sold us out and soiled our constitution in the process by having tickle fights, perverse sex with interns sending porn in e-mails.
My Grandparents would weep in disbelief. In just two short generations Americans have somehow lost their dignity and personal integrity. Forty years of education 'reform' have created a population of people ignorant of their own history.

Once we feared "Big Brother", now he is in control and too few seem to care, just as long as they continue to keep getting their monthly stipend.

It is time once again to declare our Freedom and assemble peaceably in the streets and public venues as the citizens of the United States of America. If you feel life is not fair, then you have the freedom to go and do something about it yourself! Don't forcibly take what I have legally earned and fund someone elses education, food, housing, health care and abortions.

I have heard that cliche so many times I'd like to wretch, "Teach a man to Fish" My question is why are we allowing our government to spend our income handing out fish every month?

That is not social responsibility my friends, that is social destruction! The very same elitists espousing evolution and the survival of the fittest tell us to continue to fund a whole segment of the population that would never exist under natural law. Nature is sustainable, big government is not.

Now is the time that we declare victory once again! First resolve to get involved, show up at an event and realize that we really are the majority, let's start acting like it! We must not allow our taxes to support the propagation or well being of any person that is not a United States citizen. Benevolence is righteous, but not at the sake of your family and your country. It is time for America to say you can not commit a felony by breaking and entering our sovereign borders and receive anything but a ride back. We can no longer take American's resources and support anyone who is not a citizen or provide aid to countries that openly despise us.

That is why I say: Now is the time to declare your Victory Garden!

Learn to grow and then teach your children this very important life skill. You will save on your food bill and you won't even need a coupon. We are not out of the economic crisis by a long shot, not even close. Do you honestly think we can triple our federal deficit in less than one year with out creating a financial tsunami on our horizon? If you think it's hard now, picture the scenario when your grocery bill has tripled because of inflation and gas goes back to nearly five dollars a gallon! The recent earthquakes in diverse places should be our clarion call.
It wouldn't take much to greatly disrupt our way of life. One Muslim freedom fighter (sorry, you can't call them terrorists anymore) and our way of life will be turned upside down. Greece is teetering on bankruptcy yet continues to fight against cutting social welfare programs. When they go under more will follow. The European Union cannot absorb or pay for that debt! The markets will tumble and inflation will run rampant.

What will you eat then? Where will you get it? What will it cost you? How much food can you store before it runs out?

If you are genuinely concerned about the poor having food to eat why not encourage your church to use part of their property to start a victory garden to help a food pantry or give it to less fortunate in the congregation? It is an excellent reach opportunity.

Now is the time to learn to grow! Start your own victory garden. Even if you only have space for a single container or a solitary raised bed garden, find a space and put it to use. Give your frustration and civic passion an outlet and you will reap many benefits in exchange.
Refresh your memory on the fundamental principles of nature such as sowing and reaping. Learn what sustainability is all about.

So let me ask you, are you ready to declare victory and be proactive or remain apathetic and accept defeat?

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