Scott's Organic Choice Lawn Food

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

I have used this organic lawn fertilizer for three seasons now and LOVE it. Its all by-products from the meat industry and 100% safe for you and your pets or anyone to walk on or play in immediately. You do not have to water it in or worry about weather and wind. You can apply it with a regular spreader or by hand. There are no chemicals present, so it does not kill weeds or beneficial insects (this is a plus to me but to some may be a bad thing). You can use it any season too. My grass is much greener and fuller than it used to be. I weed by hand some, but overall am happy with my natural lawn. I would recommend to everyone. Its so much better for your family and the earth! It does not have an odor really when applied either, so that is nice. It can be hard to locate and they do not mention it on their website for some reason, but I have had luck finding it at my local Walmart. I love that its taking trash and turning it into treasure in my yard!

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Fall is on the way

Remember, chemicals kill more than just pesky weeds.