Rose Repair

Rose Repair is a premium blended soil amendment that is naturally organic. Quite possibly the most advanced soil amendment for roses available.

Made from the finest natural ingredients, then double screened and hand sifted to a rich loamy texture.

Scientifically designed and formulated to meet the specific growing requirements for all varieties of roses.

How Do I Use It?. Simply spread onto soil surrounding your rose. Mix into soil with small garden shovel and water thoroughly. This product is also an excellent amendment for containers and raised bed gardens.

What Is It Made Of? First we start with 100% cotton burr compost direct from Mississippi but only after it has passed our quality control standards. Not all compost is the same that is why we test every batch. Research has well documented the efficacy of cotton burr compost and has identified natural fungicidal properties that help to control Fusarium, Pythium even Thizoctonia! This intensive organic matter is loaded with nutrients and diverse populations of micro-organisms. If your desire is to restore your soil's health and rebuild soil fertility, this is the product for you!

One bag is enough to repair your soil and feed your rose for one full year, without any further fertilization.

But that wasn't enough, so we inoculate it with Mycorrhizal fungi. We use eight Endo type strains and seven Ecto type strains of fungi, this is the most complete inoculation of it's kind available, works for your roses and surrounding loandscaping!

What Is Mycorrhizal Fungi? Mycorrhizal fungi creates a symbiotic relationship with the roots of your roses to increase the absorption of water and nutrients many times over. These become active upon making direct contact to the roots. That is why it is important to water in thoroughly.

But we still weren't done! We decided, that if we were going to make it the best product we would go all out and add Azomite mined from the State of Utah. A perfectly compliment to the intensive nutrients of cotton burr, and the increased in nutrient uptake by Mycorrhizal Fungi, Azomite contains vital minerals and trace elements, more accurately stated 'over seventy different metabolically active minerals and trace elements.' These minerals and trace elements aid in building natural defense and disease resistance.

Please Do Not Use Chemicals! Even just one application of a commercial synthetic fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide is enough to severely damage or even kill off the entire soil-fungal mat as well as micro-organisms! You need those basic life forms to convert organic matter into energy for your roses!

We do not use any product fillers or extenders. The vast majority of soil amendments contain fillers such as shredded wood debris and sphagnum peat moss. That isn't composted and they contain little nutrients. Adding these materials may be cheap and add bulk but they don't add any real value and typically cause more harm than good.

No animal waste. Some soil amendments contain composted animal waste. While it does have some benefit it is merely another cheap 'extender'

No chemicals. Rose Repair is manufactured by Agra-Cycle Inc. A non profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide an educational resource to our community to promote sustainable recycling and sustainable agriculture. We are adamantly opposed to the use of any type of artificial, man-made, synthetic chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

No Government Funding As a matter of principle and belief in American Exceptionalism we do not accept any tax payer money. We are totally self supporting through individual contributions and donations. All support work is preformed by volunteer staff.

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