What Do You Recommend?

What do you recommend for...?"
I hear that question a lot.

The goal of this web-site is to provide practical information and show you where you can find more.

Look at the Product reviews page to find out my recommendations based on first hand experience. I don't know about you, but I personally, hate being sold anything. I want to find out the facts the best I can, compare, shop and then make my own decision. Even after my research I am going to want realistic product guarantees and refund procedures before I part with my hard earned dollars.

I write a lot about organic fertilizer, because I have used a lot of different brands. Some really great fertilizer is being made here in the United Stated. Some so bad that I will passionately warn you about.

I know of a less than reputable company in Florida that makes "natural liquid fertilizer" I won't list their name publicly. But what I will say is that when you are considering purchasing an "organic fertilizer" stay away from anything that lists double digits.

For example. When you have fertilizer that reads "4-3-3", single digits, you know that it is a natural product.
When it read "32-14-16" double digits, RUN don't walk away! I don't care how nice the package looks or how much of a discounted price they offer, it's garbage.