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The following product reviews are based solely on my opinions and first hand experience with each as an organic grower. I do not receive any type of compensation - but I do catch a lot of flack!
And that is just fine with me.

There is NOTHING that annoys me quite as much as buying something and when I get it home find out that I had either had grossly overpaid or just been out right skewerd. How about you?

On the other hand, I've learned to read very well and look very closely. Sometimes I find something that impresses me both in perceived value AND works the way it has been presented. Those are the ones that we are after. You will find both kinds here.

If you have your own personal favorites, be sure to submit them on the Invitation below, OK? You never know, you just might find fame and world wide popoularity. Or not.

Here's A Handy Hint
It is a very good practice when shopping at an online retailer such as or to look at the product review section FIRST!

The product may promise the world but what are the customers saying about it AFTER it is delieverd? Did it ever get delivered?
Look for a personal experience that sounds believable.

It doesn't hurt to look at a couple other sites as well, take your time and follow your gut feeling. It was put there for a reason. And as always, "buyer beware"

You are welcome to join on in and post your two cents worth. Everyone needs to Rant and Rave on occasion, especailly organic gardeners!

Let's start with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix.

I paid eight dollars plus tax at the local store. Now I have to stop right here and tell you that I don't usually shop at the big box stores. I go to independantly owned nurseries and garden centers, but no one stocked this stuff. Here is why.

  • I am a Capitalist and last I knew it was still legal.
  • They offer better service and selection because of competition.
  • They carry REAL ORGANICS and can tell you how to use them

    Just wanted to make the clear from the start.

    So, back to this stuf "Organic Choice." Hmm.
    Sounds pretty good right? And hey, eight bucks isn't that big of a bite. So lets take a look at it right here... Organic Choice

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