Potato Baker Is A Hit With Food Vendors

Baked potatoes have always been popular but now with the food police cracking down on soda, candy and cooking oil, cafeterias are hard pressed to replace the void in their menu with something that people are going to eat. Personally, I eat organic food at every opportunity and I just cringe when I find myself in a situation where I can’t find anything decent to eat. My wife works in a hospital and I know from experience that the cafeteria is the last place I would eat. The thought of mystery meatloaf and soggy green beans just doesn’t excite me for some reason.

So when Ron Swann from PB Distributors started talking with me about this new King Edward potato baker, he had my full and undivided attention. King Edward potato bakers have been made in England by the same family for over twenty years and are in use world wide. When you look at the specs you see that this is not a cheap import from China, it is a handcrafted unit that sets a benchmark in food service quality. The more I looked over this unit the more I liked it. I was already fantasizing about seeing one in my favorite deli. The interior features a stainless steel construction and adjustable shelves. The black enamel finish was beautiful and the control panel was simple and easy to use. The potato baker functions like a convection oven , it quickly bakes and crisps the skin making a delectable, mouth watering meal. Those who have worked in food service may already be familiar with convection ovens. These are ovens that use a fan to circulate heated air resulting in a faster and more efficient baking method. But here is the big news for food service in the United States, these units are now available in 240 volt and 120 volt versions!

Back in the early 80’s I was a manager of a convenience store and one of the big lessons I took away from that experience was that counter space is at a premium. We had a hot dog machine that was as large as theater size popcorn popper. Man, I hated that thing. Once the hot dog was cooked it was all down hill from there. They would be fine for a hour or so but then they just looked unappealing. Invariably there would be an employee that would neglect it and made a bad impression on customers. “If the hotdogs are that nasty, what is the rest of the food like?” Then there was all that grease that would sit in the bottom of the rack. I won’t even talk about the nacho cheese cooker because this is a family rated article. All I know is that I wish that I had one of these potato bakers back in the day. I would have picked up the phone and had it delivered in no time. To have had something “new” that is so easy to operate, without a continual mess to clean up, would have been a windfall in comparison. With today’s health conscious consumer this is a welcome addition that is all natural and convenient. It even appeals to the consumer who has no cares over what they eat. There are enough different toppings and flavorings available to appeal to any craving.

A King Edward Potato Baker would be an excellent compliment for any establishment that all ready features a salad bar. Now I know that it has been a long time since I bought 10 cases of potatoes for weekly inventory, but I am sure that there is still an excellent mark up for potatoes. I even got a flyer for my kids elementary school. A baked potato is something that I can get behind as a parent and I know my kids would just love it too.

If you want to see just how nice these potato bakers look simply visit www.potatobaker.com and see for yourself. Ron said he would be happy to talk with you about all the benefits and features of the King Edward Potato Baker and answer any questions you have.

Copyright 2010 Greg Traver

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