Please Explain SEO In The Search Results Link

by Louis

You said that 90% of what you know is in the search engine results. Can you explain that for me a little more I just don't get it yet. Are you talking about keywords?

Absolutely. But specifically where you are using the keyword. Look at the graphic in this article that shows my organic gardening blog at number one. Look at the structure of that listing. It is all there on purpose. Can you figure out the keyword(s)?
When you build a page for your website you give it a name - your keyword. When you give your page a title - use your keyword. When you put in your first headline - use your keyword. When you write your description - use your keyword. When you write the first sentence, of the first paragraph you guessed it - use your keyword. When in doubt look at what the top ranked sites have done, copy what works. Hope that helps, if not ask another question for clarification, ok?

All the best

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