Pesticides In Your Food!

Pesticide containers are Required to use a Placard, should your produce?

A growing concern is the presence of residual pesticides in our food. With rapid technological developments in farming, most farmers use chemicals to yield greater crop output and prevent insect damage, fungal attacks and the growth of weeds, all of which can be lethal to the crop. Unfortunately, these synthetic chemicals pose a greater risk to our health. Many contain harmful toxins, which seep into water systems and ultimately into the food we eat.

Many of the commonly used chemical are known carcinogens and can cause cancer over extended periods of time. Some toxins are also estrogen simulators, known as xenoestrogens, and can cause hormonal imbalance.

Consumption of these can also cause skin ailments as well as neurological disorders. In addition to harming our bodies, the use of these is also one of the major causes of water pollution. chemicals that fail to get into plants, end up in soil and ultimately reach the groundwater. Alachlor (Lasso), Ethylcnc Dibromide, Metolachlor (Dual), DCPA (Dacthal) and Butylate (Sutan) are among the common toxic chemicalsw commonly found in water.


These synthetic chemicals have been associated with a number of diseases, and even death. This was seen by Fleming, Gomez-Martin, Zheng, Ma, Lee, et al. in 2003, who studied mortality linked 1986–1994 National Health Interview Survey data.

They found that farmers and chemical applicators were at greater risk of accidental mortality compared to all other workers. Furthermore, both male and female workers had a higher risk of cancers of the nervous, lymphatic and hematopoietic systems.

Among infants, Young, Eskenazi, Gladstone, Bradman, Pedersen, Johnson, Barr, Furlong, Holland, (2005) documented a significant association between in utero organophosphate exposure and abnormal reflexes, which may be associated with subsequent impairment of neuropsychological functioning.

Lander and Ronne (1995) also found significant odds ratio for leukemia among farmers. These point out the role of pesticides in carcinogenesis and disruption of hematopoiesis.

Genotoxicity has also been linked to these chemicals (Undeger & Basaran, 2005; Varona, Cardenas, Crane, Rocha, Cuervo, Vargas, 2003)

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