Organic Pesticides for the Home

Organic Pesticides are as Effective as chemicals without the risks. In most cases they provide quicker knock-down from my experience. They have strong residual effects, meaning that they are effective long after application. With major technological advances the cost has dropped while the chemicals keep going up in price.

If you are having problems with bugs or termites there are ways to remedy the situation without having to use toxic chemicals in the process.

They are economical and like most everything else, cheaper when purchased in quantities. One reason for this is because they are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Therefore they do not have purchase a catastrophic loss bond or pay higher fees as hazardous materials. These products are exempt from regulatory filing and fees because they are safe to transport and pose no risk to the public like chemicals. This cuts the overhead significantly. All you need is to buy a good quality sprayer and mix it up yourself.

You have two basic choices to consider when you have pests in the home. Will you DIY, or will you hire a service to do it for you?

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