Organic Pesticide Service

Why should you use an organic pesticide service? You may not have the time nor the desire to walk around your home, wipe off the cobwebs and spray. You also may be concerned about the toxic chemicals that are used and don't want them sprayed on your property. If that is the case then hiring an organic pest control service is your best alternative.

If you decide to hire any pest control service, it may be helpful to do a little checking on your own first before you call them. Here is what my experience has been. Typically when you call, you’re likely to get a salesman who tells you that you’re lucky because, “We’re having a big discount program for new customers.” Or the person answering the phone may only be able to set appointments and can't answer any questions. In this case the salesman is going to come and see you! What you really want to know is whether or not the person who is doing the actual service is a experienced professional. When you are under a contract, it’s too late to find out that your “service technician” shows up dressed in a tee shirt and torn jeans and can’t operate the equipment. Avoid that hassle before it starts!

You also want to make sure the pest control service uses only organic pesticides. This is important. If they use chemicals at all, you risk exposure through use of the same tanks and spray hoses/guns.

Make sure that they practice Integrated Pest Management(IPM) Integrated Pest Management is an ongoing process of inspection, identification, monitoring, selecting proper control measures, and evaluation. Once the pest problem is resolved a regular service program ensures against future pest infestations and guard against possible entry points to the home or business.

1. Inspection of the premises. This is a prerequisite to any pest control remediation. You must properly identify what the pest is, the stage of the infestation, if any and determine if there are other pest problems. This is when you compare your report from the inspector, to the report from the pest control company. It is also wise to have a service contract that specifically states that the problem/pest be resolved within a set amount of time. Additionally, if you suspect a termite problem having your own independent inspection is recommended. It may save you the cost of a service you don't really need.

2. Application of correct products. This must be done in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Properly identifying the pest also allows for the selection of the proper organic pesticide formulation for the specific area to be treated.

3. Follow-up. The area must be regularly checked and cleaned to help prevent future infestations. Potential entry points should be addressed and proper precautions taken. (i.e., sealing holes, cracks etc.)

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