Organic Flowers

Organic flowers are of critical importance to pollentators. An estimated 60 per cent of the total commercial bee population has been lost on the West Coast of The United States. The East Coast it is estimated that 70 per cent are gone. Some can recall Albert Einstein's foreboding warning.

"If the honey bee disappeared, man would die off in four years."

I really don't want to test his theory considering his track record. Do you?

Now is a good time to start your own special garden to provide a natural and safe habitat for nature's pollinators. You can do your part by maintaining organic flower beds for bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. There are a wide variety of flowers that you can choose from that bees find irresistible.

Here is but a partial list of the best known varieties. Asters, Buttercups Catnip, Clover, Comfrey, Daffodil, Fennel, Geranium, Goldenrod, Hollyhock, Lavender, Marigolds, Marjoram, Mint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Strawberry, Sunflower, Thyme and Zinnias. This should give you a few possibilities to think about.

You will be helping to preserve and reclaim your portion of the environment while your plants absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.
Did you know it is an old practice for greenhouses to vent exhaust from the heating units into the greenhouse? Plants need carbon dioxide to live and raised levels actually increase plant growth. Growing your own blooms is a lot of fun and there is a a natural calming sense when you are outside tending to your flowers. You can start with a simple container and progress to a raised bed garden as space and experience permit.

Declare your garden a chemical free zone and encourage others to follow your example. Enjoy the natural beauty and fragrance without risking the side effects associated with exposure to chemical toxins.

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