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The Wasp of a Different Purpose

The Wasp of a Different Purpose

The Wasp of a Different Purpose Garden Pest Control

Since I am relatively new to the organic gardening genre, I am discovering all sorts of things that I think are wonderful. I read about Bokashi on this site and my interest was peaked, so I did further research and finally decided that I needed to buy a bucket and try it out. I did and I have it right in my kitchen and true there is no odor. . . until you open it! However, that is not a problem. It is simple to use and I believe that it has a valuable place in my new organic thinking.

I have also read about cotton burr on this site, and again my interest was peaked so I did further research. I am not using it right now, but plan to buy some for our new compost heap.

Then there is the coconut coir for composting. I sell that on my website;

I am very excited to get my garden going full on in the spring, but there is so much to do in the mean time.

Since we just moved here about a year ago, we do not have our own garden going yet, but 2013 marks the end of that.

We have opted to garden with our son for the past two years, and while that was fun and rewarding, we really miss that 'just out the door' thrill of gardening.

Recently, I learned about Parasitic Wasps. I am sure that you have had experience with them in your garden, but I would be very interested in knowing how to attract them to my garden. I have included some pictures.

I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I have gotten many great ideas from you. It began on Pinterest believe it or not. That is another great time trap for me. I love it and when I go there I remain for quite a while enjoying the many good ideas there.

I just thought that you would like to know that you have been a powerful influence in my new organic lifestyle.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and join me in a prayer for the good folks in Newtown, Connecticut and their wee ones who were lost in such a senseless tragedy. May you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

Thank you for your kind words and a well written post!

Glad you like the bokashi. It is the best thing for amending raised beds. I learned that if I pack it down really well and then get a good layer on the top there is even less smell. And if you time it just right and top it off with orange peels it actually smells half decent.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Years!

All the Best,
Greg Traver

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