Nature's Touch 15-1-3 Organic Based Lawn Fertilizer

by GrayLadyIce

When my husband and I moved into our new house, we thought we would have a nice lawn to look forward to. Unfortunately for us, we couldn't seem to get the grass to grow well or come up very green. We tried a variety of different things including lawn food and other fertilizers. Nothing seemed to be working very well. I was looking online for another fertilizer to try when I came upon Nature's Touch Organic Based Lawn fertilizer. We had yet to try anything that was organically based. And for around 11 dollars a bag, I also felt the price was very good. So I ordered a few bags. To be honest, I wasnt' expecting much from it as we hadn't had any luck with other products. However, just about a week later I noticed something different. The grass that had been dry and somewhat brown appeared to have more of the green color I wanted. And within a few more weeks, we had an actual green lawn filled with lovely blades of grass. It was so nice to be able to run around in bare feet and feel the grass. So much better than the dry brown stuff we had. If you are having a problem with your lawn, I'd recommend trying this Nature's Touch Organic Based fertilizer. It definitely worked wonders for my lawn.

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