MiracleGro, Organic Choice Potting Mix

This week I am reviewing a product called Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. I paid eight dollars plus tax at the local mass merchant store. Organic Choice? Sounds pretty good right and hey, eight bucks isn't that big of a bite. So lets take a look at the packaging

This is what the product packaging looks like. Someone gets an "A" for design and again Organic Choice is sounding pretty good!

But to really know what is in the bag we've got to open it up and take a look to see what we are getting for our eight bucks. While I am at it, I'm going to use a door protector as a screen to check the consistency and flow of the product.

Yikes! Looks like a bunch of ground up wood and bark, huh? Lets check the label and see what the ingredients are to Organic Choice.

My review of this product rates two green thumbs down. One for being obviously shredded wood debris and sphagnum and one thumb down for what I feel is deliberate deception by using the word organic on their package.

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