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Organic gardening has surged in popularity the last few years as public awareness about genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and the associated health risks becomes more widely known.

There is also mounting outrage as more of us become aware that the commercial fertilizers used on farms, our parks and playgrounds and even our lawns actually contain "recycled"

toxic waste and heavy metals

Couple those factors with an economic recovery that still hasn't materialized, rising food prices, a stagnant real estate market, soaring fuel prices and continued high unemployment - is it any wonder why more and more people are planting their own organic garden?

Organic Gardening For Life has done all we could in helping steer our local readers to places where they could find products. One of our favorite places was Vador's Garden Center.

Many in the area know Vador (pronounced 'Vada')from the Saturday morning radio show, "In The Garden, with Vador and Kenneth" heard Saturday mornings on AM 600 between 6-8 a.m.
After announcing that Stringer's had sold the Chickasaw Garden location, Vador struck out on her own and opened Vador's Garden Center at the old Tripp's Nursery location on Poplar Ave. After a couple seasons Vador relocated to Arlington, TN.
Vador is now working at Dan West's in Midtown, not far from where she started at the now defunct Stringers. Fortunately she is still in the area and still "on the air" fighting the good (organic) fight. But the closure of another garden center has winnowed down our choices even more.

New organic resource for Memphis?

It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum (I can tell you that our cat certainly shares that opinion) Could there possibly be a new organic gardening resource coming to Memphis?

We are excited to be able to be the first to share a new place where you can get real, quality organic products for you home and farm Avenger Weed Killer I have had my ear to the ground and recently heard some very promising news from an inside source. It seems that there is a local concern that has been working intently on bringing OMRI listed, organic products to our area in the very near future!
Now, I have been sworn to secrecy under the threat of being being pummeled with an organically grown carrot, because a location has not yet been finalized but I have every reason to believe that this will become a reality before long and I already have started making a shopping list!

Medina Liquid Fish Emulsion

One of my biggest 'pet peeves' is having to buy products from companies that play on both sides of the fence! You know what I am talking about. They have an organic product or two and tell you that they are truly concerned about sustainability and the environment but they are more than happy to steer you to a chemical. It reminds me of the lawn care companies that are pushing some of the most toxic chemicals on the market advertising that they have 'natural' programs. Well if they were really concerned, why do they have all those chemicals?

I can't wait until I can take my business to a place that stands by their convictions and knowing that my money isn't going to help support the chemicals companies in any form or fashion!


I am updating this post (again)on Wednesday, March 27 2012, to bring you the latest news about a new resource for organic gardeners, growers and organic farmers becoming available to the Memphis, TN area.


Agra-Cycle, a local based non-profit organization, has partnered with a The Detail Shop, located at 6701 Suite 101 Highway 64 in Memphis. (It is about 2 blocks East of the Appling Road, across from Olympus) They will be featuring organic products at their store in support of Agra-Cycle.

These products are the real deal! ALL are USDA Natural Organic Program (NOP) approved products and listed with the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI)

Organic Gardening For Life is VERY excited about organic gardeners in Memphis Tennessee, the Shelby County area, Northern Mississippi and West Memphis Arkansas finally getting a new resource for genuine organic products!

We are busy publishing information about these products on our organic gardening blog to help increase local awareness and show our support for Agra-Cycle and sustainable agriculture.

Many of these products were previously only available only to commercial growers and have not been available to retail customers until now!
ALL proceeds go to help fund Arga-Cycle's mission to educate the community about sustainable agriculture. (All activities are self funded by volunteers - there are NO paid staff!)

Agra-Cycle has negotiated wholesale rates for these products and can even drop ship bulk quantities directly to farms and growers at substantially lower rates than can be found anywhere.

Farmers are typically limited by truck availability when buying amendments for their crops. (Everybody is putting it on their fields at the same time period and scheduling delivery can be a tricky thing) Agra-Cycle has helped to solve this problem by offering drop shipping with common carriers.
One such product is SuperCal 98. SuperCal 98 is a OMRI listed organic amendment that is 98% pure calcium carbonate and does NOT increase magnesium like competitors versions. It is pelletized for easy application and raises pH FASTER than any other product available. This product is one of many that are now available for organic gardeners in Memphis!

Make it a point to stop by The Detail Shop and help support a truly worthwhile cause by picking up some of the best organic fertilizers, weed killers and pest control in the country at the best prices. Visit For information about their store hours.

Do you own a local business or have a booth at a Farmers Market? Do you have a desire to expand your product line? Would you like to increase your on-line visibility and customer traffic? Then contact Agra-Cycle, Inc today and see how partnering with them can benefit you as well. They can deliver or drop ship right to your location!

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