Living Organic Fertilizer

Living Organic Fertilizer(LOF) by MightyGrow is exactly what it sounds like, a 4-3-4 blend with favorable microbes that help boost plant growth.

Poultry-based fertilizer can contain a rich blend of nutrients but it is important to keep in mind that not all poultry-litter based fertilizers are harmless to the environment.

Raw poultry litter has the potential to contaminate water sources and disturb important chemical balances in the soil. Moreover, there are certain risks to the health of humans which are correlated with the use of poultry litter. These problems, however, are limited to poultry fertilizers which contain raw materials.

MightyGrow's LOF is environmentally safe since the poultry litter has been anaerobically composted. While raw poultry litter can have harmful effects, farmers do not need to have any hesitations about this fully composted product.

It is certified by the National Organic Program so you can be assured of it's quality

One of the more notable aspects about Living Organic Fertilizer is that it only needs to be utilized two times a year.

This fertilizer contains two different forms of nitrogen. Nitrates and ammonia and they work concurrently to provide fast-acting and long-term nutrition to your crops. It's effects are felt more quickly than traditional chemical fertilizer, while also lasting for longer periods of time.

While many fertilizers contain warnings against working the treated land immediately after applying fertilizer, no such problems exist with this. It is natural and organic and eliminates a waiting period after applying it.

Additionally,it will provide certain advantages over other poultry-based fertilizers. For example, Living Organic Fertilizer is reinforced with beneficial microbes. These microbes help plants absorb nutrients from the soil and are known to be even more effective when the used in conjunction with organic fertilizers.

This is why this product is referred to as being alive, the microbes and fungi present are extremely effective in boosting the conversion of the fertilizer.

Some fertilizers are processed through very high temperatures or high pressures. Consequently they suffer from depreciation in nutrient content as a result.

The biological material in MightyGrow LOF remains vibrant and healthy. In fact, it can last for an infinite amount of time, as long as it is kept away from the sun in a dry area.

One of the most remarkable benefits is the effect on long-term nutritional quality of the soil.

It is well known that long-term use of synthetic chemical fertilizer ultimately leads towards the need for ever increasing amounts of fertilizer to reach the same desired effect. This is not sustainable.

While an initial conversion to organic and sustainable methods may seem more expensive they have the opposite effects of chemicals. As soil fertility increases, smaller amounts of fertilizer to produce the same yields.

Living Organic Fertilizer can be an effective supplement for anyone worried about the effects of their chemical fertilizer on the environment (particularly on sources of water) and human beings.

While it is an especially relevant product for organic farmers, it has wide-ranging applicability from agriculture to private homeowners.

Environmental considerations aside, the economic benefits of a product like Living Organic Fertilizer are enough to convince many people to give it a try.

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