Liquid Corn Gluten

Liquid Corn Gluten Meal is an efficient organic alternative used to replace chemical pre-emergents.

Pre-emergent herbicides contain powerful chemicals such as ditopyr, oryzalin and pendimethalin which prevent seeds from being able to germinate properly.

Farmers and gardeners alike make use of pre-emergent herbicides by spraying their fields in order to thwart the growth of crabgrass, which commonly grows on bare plots of land.

Unfortunately, while these toxic chemicals can be effective in preventing the growth of weeds, they also can be harmful for the soil structure. Some are so strong that it can take up to three months after application one still can't plant seed.

Sustainable farms and organic growers like to use ground cover like mulch or a a cover crop. But sooner or later it seems that we all need a bit of help keeping weeds in check.

What is liquid Corn Gluten?

A by product of the wet milling of corn, it works through preventing the growth and development of roots during the germination process in seeds. The seeds themselves will be able to germinate, but the weeds will not possess roots anchoring them to the ground.

One common complaint with the old style granular meal was the price. Because of it's bulk and weight dry meal can be cost prohibitive. Those 50 pound bags are take their toll on your back as well.

The recommended level of usage is twenty pounds for every one-thousand square feet of field, which also means two pounds of nitrogen for every one-thousand square feet. As many farmers and gardeners are aware, this can prove to be an enormously daunting task.

Now available in a convenient liquid this makes the application of considerably more convenient for growers who are seeking a safe, simple and effective pre-emergent herbicide.

Moreover, many farmers have reported that not only is more efficient, but it has also lowered their costs from the bagged granular version.

As is the case with tradition pre-emergent herbicides that use chemicals, in order maximum results the timing of is absolutely critical.

Application at a date too late will be less effective, since the stage in which it is effective is during the germination process.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that Liquid Corn Gluten Meal is most effective when applied in multiple stages.

Since the effectiveness is increased with subsequent use just start! The time to stop new weeds is now.

While many farmers report that the majority of weed seeds will be affected even after the initial application it is generally accepted that additional applications are required to maximize its effectiveness.

Fall is on the way

Remember, chemicals kill more than just pesky weeds.