Juice what? Wheatgrass is beyond a doubt, the most amazing plant that I have ever had the privilege to grow and juice! Why? Because wheatgrass has been shown to contain the largest group of nutrients and minerals of any plant ever tested on the planet! I would say that makes wheatgrass juice, by default, the best! Now, I realize that's a very bold statement, but do your own research and I'll bet you agree.

Cutting some wheatgrass that you've been growing on your window sill (greenhouse/garden) giving it a quick rinse and then juicing it immediately is a most powerful fix for what ails you. I don't give medical advice, but I will claim this much: wheatgrass juice will rock your socks off! If you've never juiced before, you should probably start with apple juice. No I don't mean the preserved, processed, nutritionally dead stuff from the discount store. I'm talking about juicing fresh, preferably certified organic apples. If it's your first time juicing, start with about four to six ounces. Easy does it, see how your body reacts. It will be a beneficially detoxifying experience.

For a wide range of great information about everything juicing. Be sure to visit juicing for health You will find a plethora of usable information about juicing, various juicing machines available and some really great recipes as well. This is where I bought my wheatgrass juicer and I got a great price and fast service.

Like most people, I first read about wheatgrass in Steve Meyerowitz’s book, "Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine." (You may know him better as the “Sproutman”) Here is the story of my experience with wheatgrass juice. In the early 90’s I went through a period of progressively deteriorating health. I had dozens and dozens of open ulcers throughout my digestive tract that bled a habitually.

Everything that I ate, obviously had a direct and painful impact on my body. I ate as little as possible since it seemed that most foods simply exacerbated the situation. I began juicing after someone heard about my condition and asked if I would mind discussing it. He told me his experience and how juicing ---in his words--- "cured him". Well! Within 24 hours I had a machine and was juicing in my kitchen! I’ll never forget the most powerful invigorating feeling of my life! I was hooked! Within hours the typical GI cramps, stabbing pains, noise and other chronic symptoms had disappeared!

Juicing is the most notable change to my diet and it has had the greatest healing impact on my body. My interest in juicing grew, and eventually led me to read Steve Meyerowitz's book, Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine. Meyerowitz's book sparked an interest in wheatgrass and I wondered, why can't I grow this stuff myself?

Grow Your Own Grass!

As good as wheatgrass is, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it is pretty dog gone expensive!
At $18.00 (local price) for 12 fluid ounces. That's $1.50 an ounce! Over $190.00 a gallon. Yes, you read that right, $190 per Gallon! It didn’t take me too long to start growing my own!

That's a better return than moonshine. An ya ain't got ta worry about dem reven newers sneaking up on ya! (Sorry, I just have to throw something in once in a while to 'tweak' my editor.)


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