jippy peat pellets

by penny

Hi, After I purchased Jiffy peat pellets (72), planted hot pepper seeds in them, I saw various remarks on different sites nay naying this action. Too late, it was already done. However, I look at things this way.....If I tried and failed, I have learned a lesson. I am not afraid to take chances, so I took a pair of scissors and cut approx. 1/2" of the mesh from each pellet, which loosened up the soil. I sowed the seeds on Mar.8, 2014 and as of March 18th, the first seeds germinated. Since not all varieties have germinated yet, I have peace of mind knowing that tweaking my growing medium might have made a difference.

so now, I have other hot pepper seeds which I have, on the advice of another grower, planted in starter mix in form cups. Now I will have something to compare.
Thanks for providing the space to share.


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