In the End Its All About Traffic

by Marty
(Tweed Heads Australia)

Thanks for the cool article. One issue with seo is that Google is continually changing its algorithm, so this leaves us always feeling a little uneasy.

In the end it's all about the traffic and getting free traffic, if we can.
I used to work full time in seo as well as my gardening sites, as this is my passion.
I have found that video now drives a ton of traffic when done properly from the free search engines such as Youtube.
But there is one more platform that lets you share other videos that you and your readers love.
Please don't regard this as some money making scam, it really does drive traffic in any niche.
I will provide the link below.

Here is the link for the platform that I use

ps: I like your sbi site, i have used them before and sold my first site from there for $4000

pps: Happy gardening and I hope you enjoy the video

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