In A (organic) Nutshell

by Terence
(London, U.K.)

Hi Greg,

In browsing your site I happened to have a look at this blog.
What a breath of fresh air! I love the way you summed up the green movement and the entitlement mentality that curses the nations today. I'm sure well-meaning people are also caught up in it and need to know what you have discovered, that there is a better way for all.
I'm not an American but I have read much about how the pilgrims settling in America wanted to create a "city set on a hill" as referenced in the Bible to demonstrate how living according to God's pattern in every area of life carries with it great blessing and prosperity, to His glory.
They sure proved their point, and attracted a lot of envy from other nations who were unwilling/untaught to trust God and "catch their own fish", preferring to put their trust in the religious, power-hungry, dominating philosophies of mere men.
It is sad, on the one hand to see how many Americans have forgotten or never understood these roots and are clamoring for a god-state to take care of them from cradle to grave (at the expense of the productive as you point out). A sure recipe for poverty.
On the other hand, there are also many waking up to the fact that politicians can't save America, or the EU, or the world and need to be limited to their God-appointed servant role of maintaining (Godly)law and order and protecting the realm. Men are raising true Christian families again, teaching God's call to salvation, His ways of living, entrepreneurship and increase, (and organic farming).
God has such a good deal open to us, personally and corporately, if we're not too proud to admit what the Queen of England said in her Christmas message this year, "history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves - from our recklessness or our greed."

Thank you for highlighting that so well.

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