I'm sold

by Richard

I've used cotton burr compost some years ago for my ailing blue ash tree. The tree was attacked by common ash borers that affected 50 percent of the circumference of the trunk bark. It also developed a bad case of canker in the process. My neighbor had an identical tree with the identical problem and the tree guy reccomeded that it be cut down, which happened.

Not wanting to give up, I tried many types of fertilizers, both organic and chemical, but nothing seemed to give this tree the will to live again.

To make a long story short, just by spreading 5 or 6 bags of CBC, for a few years, under the umbrella (about a thousand SF) of the tree made it come back with vigor. The way the wounds healed, especially around the trunk, is nothing short of astonding. It is still a nice tree some 10 years later.

I just happened to find this website in a search for this compost as my supplier went out of business sometime back. With the Green Emerald Ash borer in my area now I figured I better find this product again and felt obligated to add my 2 cents on the matter.

It also makes the grass grow like crazy and the robins will love you because of the worm explosion that takes place!

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