How about on alkaline soil?

by Pat Roloff
(Eagle, ID)

Our soil at our new (to us)home has been gardened extensively for 40 years with no amendments ever added. It is crusty sand and alkaline. Nothing grows well. Will CBC address the alkalinity found in our high desert location? Seems we can grow potatoes and onions and everything else suffers and production is very low. Squash plants turn yellow and then are prey to squash bugs and get pulled out before producing any squash. Tomato and pepper plants are stunted and produce little. I am using organic fertilizers with little success.

Pat Roloff, Boise, ID


It is important to remember that organic fertilizer is intended as a food source for micro-organisms.. These little guys are the ones who do all doing the work of converting ferilizer into energy for the plants. The problem is most of the time our underlying problem stems from an insufficiency of micro-organisms in the soil. CBC will help you out in that regard. I alos recommend making a 'green tea', there are a thousand variations to be sure,
What I would suggest is find a horse (pony or cow) if at all possible and take a five gallon bucket with lid and pay a visit to the owner. Get the five gallon bucket filled to the better part of 3/4 full and cover it. After you get it home I would put enough water in it to cover the bulk, replace lid and wait at least three days, longer the better (but don't plan on keeping it around long).
Drain off the water. You can dilute this a half dozen times to have enough to go around. Use a garden watering can or pump sprayer and apply it immeadiately to base of all plants and water well. (This works particulary well on turf as well) It will probably give you better results than anything you could buy at a store. fill the bucket back up and repeat the process until you have coverage. If you can mix the solids with your soil so much the better or put it in your composter.
So to be clear. Yes I would use the CBC and then right afterward I would fertilize it and then water it in good. Thank you for submitting the question and be sure to let me know how this works out and maybe send us some pictures.

What is the current pH of your soil? When I know that I can help you diagnosis your alkaline promlem,


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