Growing Peppers in Washington

Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas

When we planted our gardens in California we focused on tomatoes and peppers. We called our peppers Chilenos but have discovered that they are probably Yellow Wax Peppers. Anyway, we always had a bumper crop of our peppers on the high desert in California. They really like the heat and we took very good care of them. We watered with drip lines up and down the rows, and we fertilized only once. We bottled them in quarts and pints, and then gave them away as Christmas Presents. People love chileno peppers. Well, we moved to Washington State, to the dry side of the Cascades, and we decided to see if they would grow up here. We had been told that they would not, but if jalapenos grow here then how different can it possibly be for chilenos? So we planted three rows of chilenos and one row of jalapenos. . . and then we waited with baited breath! We watched everyday for the first bud. . . and we waited impatiently for the action to start. Finally, one day we went out and sure enough there was a bud on the chilenos, but the jalapenos were not in the mood. Suddenly, we had enough peppers to start bottling. We added carrots, onions, garlic, oregano, salt and vinegar for the perfect, tried and true recipe that we learned from the American Natives in our home town in California. As the season wore on, we added red pepper flakes. We had a steady income of chilenos and bottled when needed. Sometimes only a couple of pints, but usually about six pints. Though they were plenty for us to bottle, we were never at the point where we felt overwhelmed with peppers like had previously happened in California. The jalapenos produced a couple of harvests of about ten or twelve peppers at a time. We did not use any fertilizer for either crop, but I am anxious to try the suggestions form the next year. We love our chilenos, and we are sort of territorial about them. I am going to pay close attention to the pH of the soil and see if we can get a fuller crop.

Congratulations, You did a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing your story and the photo of your canned peppers, they look delicious!

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