Great for soil amendment in new shrub beds.

by Joey
(Bartlett Tn.)

I use the Mississippi Delta 100% Cotton Burr Compost. I get it at Bartlett Nursery, on the corner of Summer Ave.(Highway 70) and Yale Rd. The staff there recommended it.

Really helps with the hard clay soil we have in this area, (Bartlett Tn)

Bartlett Tn.

Thanks Joey, Actually this is were I usually shop! (they are right down the road from me and they are always very nice)

One caveat however... I have personally visited the New Delta "facility" and I was "disappointed" to find that their cotton burr is not actually composted at all!
It is what the cotton industry calls "gin trash". During the ginning process, the seed and the cotton are separated and everything else is blown outside and sits in a huge pile where it is exposed to the elements and rots until it is eventually bagged.
That being said, it is still a good source of organic matter for your soil, just be aware this is not a composted product by any stretch of the imagination. This is why I no longer promote New Delta Recyclers. The quality is suspect at best and it is filled with seeds from every weed that grows in the area.

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