Cotton Burr Compost

Cotton Burr Compost (CBC) is the most effective, commercially available, soil amendment that I have found for raising the organic matter levels of depleted soil. For turf applicationsI recommend amending with cotton burr compost once a year at a rate of one half to three quarters of an inch deep covering the entire area.

I have personally submitted numerous samples of CBC from local recyclers to the Soil Food Web International in Corvallis, OR. The results of their testing has shown consistent high levels beneficial Bacteria and Fungi as well as other vital micro-organisms.

Organic fertilizers work hand in hand with the organic matter in CBC and promote photosynthesis and nutrient uptake of root systems.
Microbes found naturally in CBC, secrete organic acids which help release nutrients contained on soil particles, they also secrete polysaccharides that glue soil particles into stable aggregates. The end result is abundant microbial activity that improves the overall soil structure, increases air penetration and resists soil compaction.

Bacteria occupy most of the leaf or root surface and thus are most effective at consuming the food resources that disease causing organisms would otherwise consume. In soil, bacteria have additional benefits, they retain nutrients such as N, P, K, S, Ca etc. Bacteria also decompose plant toxic materials and plant residues and build soil aggregate structure. The smallest building blocks of soil structure are built by beneficial bacteria. Without bacteria, the bricks that hold the soil house together would not occur and further development of soil structure will not happen. Water holding capacity can never be improved and soil will remain compacted if organisms are not present in the soil.

I do not know of any other amendment that provides so many benefits as this product and for under ten dollars for a big bag it is a great value.

Each Spring and Fall I amend my flower beds with dry organic fertilizer in the form of cottonseed Meal, then about a half inch of CBC, just enough to cover the surface. It has an excellent rich black color and an earthy humic aroma. I look for brands that do not contain animal waste, that is just a personal opinion. The manure may be processed completely and contain no e-coli and may test well, however it dilutes the CBC and from what I see is used primarily for a filler.

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