Cotton burr compost for roses

by Sara

It was good to read your information on cotton burr compost because I have been using it for over two years now on my prized tea cup roses. I never knew quite why it worked so well but now it all makes sense. My daughter had read an article somewhere about it after she started a rose garden. It worked really well and she was so proud of her accomplishment and so was I. I figured if it worked so well for her I would try it too. I am glad I did!

I can't quite explain it, but when I was reading about mirco-organisms in cotton burr, something just clicked and it made sense. I really got a better understanding of how everything in nature works in harmony. I'll never use miracle grow again!


I use it on my roses too! Since cotton burr compost has a neutral pH value it makes an excellent soil amendment for roses that supplies nutrients and micro-organisms and helps convert organic fertilizer into energy for your plants.


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