Corn Gluten Hydrosylate

The next big pre-emergent?

Here’s something more about Corn Gluten Meal. Although this has really, truly been documented and proved to be very effective on a variety of broad leaf weeds, it may not be effective on the particular weeds in your organic garden or organic lawn. This is another fact you need to consider about CGM before you make a purchase decision.

After CGM hit the scene and made a splash in the organic world, the flood gates were opened to begin looking at other corn by-products. That led to research focused on Corn Gluten Hydroslate / hydrolyzed protein. CGH is water soluble and has greater herbicidal qualities than CGM. It has been found to have a 10-14% Nitrogen by weight in comparison to CGM’s 09%. I’ve written about the importance of label reading when you are contemplating a purchase decision, and I have said that “one needs to stay away from double digit fertilizers“ So what about this stuff? I have to give this stuff a big thumbs down.

Guess how they make a hydrolyzed vegetable protein from corn? They boil it in hydrochloric acid! But wait, it’s not over yet, the mixture then has to be neutralized with a sodium hydroxide solution. Does that sound organic to you? It sounds very “processed” to me! My love for organics and natural living has given me a great disdain for anything processed. I don’t want it in my body. I don’t want it in my organic garden. I don’t want it on my organic lawn. I don’t want it in my environment and ‘An goes double’ for my children!

I asked my wife, “You wonder what kind of diabolical mind thought that one up“. Can you imagine the health implications if there was accidental ingestion of this chemical? Well don’t let your jaw drop……! Because this is just another version of Monosodium Glutamate!

Yep, it’s better living through chemicals! A Japanese firm, the Ajinomoto company manufactures MSG. It was first marketed to the United States under the brand name “Accent” as a flavor enhancer! Today, most any food that is “processed” is likely to contain this some form or combination of this chemical process. Speaking of diabolical, If a food producer uses hydrolyzed protein as a “flavor enhancer” the government doesn’t require them to list MSG on the label!

Is it any real surprise that this may have better herbicidal qualities than CGM. Please go to and further educate yourself!


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