Can I make coffee ground compost?

Absolutely! Coffee grounds are a great waste product you can include in your compost. Compost is an excellent way to nourish your soil while recycling something you normally would just throw away. You can simply start adding them to your regular compost pile with the full understanding that without being mixed with the correct amount of a carbon source it will not make compost by itself.

I am always happy when there is topic in the organic gardening community that starts to get some attention outside of the box! To give credit to where credit is due, I have to tell you that Starbucks Coffee is largely credited for bringing attention to this topic.

Coffee Ground Compost

Starbucks who has fostered an atmosphere that encourages local stores to give away coffee grounds to anyone that asks. It is a great business decision and it is great landfill diversion strategy. This is not just great public relations but is sustainability in action. This decision has given Starbucks a lot of well deserved exposure and has helped advance the cause of composting, sustainability and organic gardening. Please consider stopping by your local Starbucks and see if you can get some for yourself, may as well have a mocha grande while you're at it.

Imagine this if you will...

A local school decides to build their own compost bins from donated lumber and supplies to start a composting project. Or better yet, they start composting with the Bokashi method. Local Starbucks and other restaurants donate used coffee grounds and produce otherwise destined to the trash heap. Using the Bokashi method you can make compost from a single ingredient without worrying about maintaining the correct carbon to nitrogen levels. Since Bokashi uses beneficial anaerobic bacteria it can be done in a recycled five gallon bucket with a lid and can be stored anywhere.

The science department uses the experience to teach basic earth sciences. Students use the compost to build the fertility of the soil and grow flowers or another cash crop like herbs that they can sell or auction to raise funds. The possibilities truly are endless.

Are in a position of influence in your school or community to actually start a project similar to this? If so contact me for any help or information that you need to get started and I will be happy to donate my time.

Composting Works

When we begin to work in harmony with nature instead of trying to fight it, We learn to be a success! Please, don't try to cheat the natural process of growing by using chemicals in an effort to grow bigger tomatoes than the neighbors!
Speaking of chemicals, I hope you like the taste because your going to have to eat them! (I just hope your not making your kids eat them too...)

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