Can I Use Cotton Burr Compost Undiluted?

by Ruby

I have finally found a local nursery that has cotton burr compost in forty pound plastic bags at what seems to be a decent price. My question is this, Do I have to mix anything else in with this before I can plant with it? Can I mix it with what is already in my beds or do I have to cut it with potting soil?

That is a great question Ruby and I will tell you why. The two manufacturers that I know of that bag CBC have an advisement that you should not use the product straight up. I was looking into this about three years ago and went to the manufacturers with the question. It comes down to this for the most part. It has been known to happen that someone finds a bag of CBC that is still actively composting. This is really not a factor for you unless you want to use it immediately. The general industry concern is that you might get one of these unfinished bags and that heat generated by the composting process would burn the roots of seedlings. I am sure that this is technically a possibility. And technically it is possible that you could get hit by lightning.

Now then if you are planning on just amending your beds, simply mix it with what is there. I always save a good portion to "dust" over the top of my bed. The CBC is so rich and humic and has a very pleasing dark color that just sets off the contrast of my flowers nicely.

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