Article Marketing, Does It Really Work?

Does article marketing really work? Are you struggling to keep up with the demand for your services or products or are you wondering how your going to pull through another year? I believe that the key to growth is in continually attracting new customers. Sounds logical enough maybe even a little too elementary? But unfortunately, most people miss something in the translation and automatically assume that they have to buy customers, so it is off to the advertising agency! Most every tactic being used is a variation on buying customers. Don’t believe me? Take a closer look at your balance sheet. How much are you spending annually to buy new customers? How many people did you actually get from that last round of direct mail? What about the yellowed page ad? Let’s not talk about percentages of total response, I want you to find out exactly how many new customers you got from that expenditure and then divide the cost, it by that number. How much did each of the customers cost you? Is it sustainable? Now, I know that you really don’t have to check your software to know because you are on top of things, but you may have a friend who’s business isn’t doing too well so be sure to forward this to them.

I am passionate about organic gardening and sustainability, so I have an understanding of the law of sowing and reaping. There is no way to usurp the process. You simply can not cheat by planting one week and then harvesting the next. No matter how much you might think you deserve it - or need it, your going to be disappointed. Hand in hand with that natural law is another that says that you have to give before you receive.

Why does this work?

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Because when you give, you are building relationships with people and laying the foundation on which you will receive. You will find referrals and word of mouth from the most unusual places and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

What is it that you have that holds value for your prospective consumer? What is it that you can give away? The most basic thing of value that you hold is specialized knowledge about your niche. So give it away! Now I am not saying divulge sensitive data, trade secrets or bean recipes. I’m merely suggesting that you put what you know in print and share it with everybody, for free! But not all at once.

The internet is one huge place but one thing that is there is precious little of is quality information. That is a void that you can fill. That is how you can get customers for very little investment and many more for free! Think about your personal experience. When you go online are you there to search for advertisements or information? Give surfers the information they are looking for in an informative article and begin a value exchange.

Does article marketing work. It is really a question painted with a broad brush so I would have to say that it really depends on what is the outcome you are looking to effect? Is it going to be a magic bullet that pulls you back from the brink of bankruptcy? Probably not, but it would certainly be a great place to start. My personal experience with article marketing has been very interesting and I have learned a great deal.
Let me give you a real life example.
Let’s sat that you are a household mover located in the Memphis Tennessee region. We know how much is costs to have a first place prominent advertisement in the yellowed pages but did you know that more people go online to find information than bother with a phone book? They may even have a phone in their hand, but they are probably searching a 3G network. What is the value of having a prominent place when someone searches for your product or service online? I was intrigued a couple months ago when I was doing some keyword research and then started looking at the local Memphis market. I decided that I was going to experiment with keywords in an article and see if I could effect the results of a local Google search for the keywords, Memphis household mover. So I wrote an article about it and then published it online. Within 24 hours that article was indexed by Google. Within a matter of days the article ran to the top of Google results for “Memphis Household Mover” That was a month ago. This week over lunch, I showed that business owner that same search this week. The first, third and fourth link are the articles I wrote. Surfers find his article right off the bat and get a third party opinion instead of an advertisement. At the end of the article there is a link directly to his website so the surfer arrives pre-warmed and in a willing to buy mindset. So in this case, I would say overwhelmingly that article marketing works

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