Amendments For Organic Gardening

Amendments for organic gardening are natural additives that help to change the soils characteristics, composition and micro-biology. There are many types of products available in the market place. They each have their own purpose and some brands better than others so be a vigilant label reader and ask questions. Read labels carefully, if it contains and chemicals then it is not organic. Names and trademarks like "organics choice" have nothing to do with what is in the package.

There are different growing regions here in the lower 48 states and it is important to have a good basic understanding of not only the weather and temperature patterns of the your region but also the chemistry of your soil. This must be your first consideration because you must know what your soil is comprised of.
Before you can determine what is lacking. So it is very important to get your soil tested.

When shopping it is important to note that not everything labeled "natural" is acceptable for gardening and may actually cause more harm than benefit. Use common sense when reading labels and if you have pause, follow your gut feeling.

Here is but a brief list of the most common organic soil additives.

  • Coffee Grounds,

  • Cotton Burr Compost,

  • Compost tea,

  • Corn gluten meal,

  • Cornmeal products,

  • Cottonseed meal,

  • Diatomaceous earth,

  • Earthworm castings, (vermicompost)

  • Fish hydrolysates or fish meal,

  • Greensand,

  • Humates,

  • Lava sand,

  • Seaweed,

  • Mycorrhizal Fungi,
    Mycorrhizal Fungi, This years hottest new product for gardeners

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