USDA Certified Organic Ferilizer

We recommend using AGGRAND,USDA Certified Organic Fertilizer (4-3-3) It has been approved for use by certified organic food and crop producers nationwide. “This is so good for our customers and for AGGRAND,” said Greg Sawyer, AGGRAND manager. “We’ve been working toward getting this approval for a number of years. It means our ingredients pass the National Organic Program standards. We are approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, which has some of the highest standards in the industry,” Sawyer said.

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Certified Means Quality!

“Being approved for use opens many doors to the sustainable agriculture market,” Sawyer said. New markets for AGGRAND 4-3-3 are: crop production, green retailers, high end and specialized nurseries, health food coops, home gardeners, cattle and beef production, organic dairy production, field and pasture production, horse and grazing production as in horse racing and jumping, hay production and organic flower production. Here's where to get it Direct from the manufacturer!

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