Terra One HYC

Terra One HYC (High Yield Crops) is a product that helps to boost crop yields through improving the fertility of the soil.

One of the key influences on the fertility of soil is the presence of mycorrhizae fungi. It plays an essential role by creating a synergistic bond with plant roots that vastly increases the ability to absorb nutrients

What are mycorrhizae fungi and why should I want them?

Mycorrhizae fungi are organisms which are often naturally present in the soil that can aid plants in the absorption of water from the soil.

These fungi thrive near the roots systems of plants, and from there they extend themselves into the soil, where they help absorb water.

Mycorrhizae fungi exponentially increases the surface area where roots absorb water which allows the plant to make full use of the organic content present in the soil.

Mycorrhizae fungi not only aid in the absorption of water, but they also discharge vital enzymes into the soil, which help breakdown nutrients into forms that are easier for the plant’s roots to absorb. It's a win-win situation!

Some important nutrients such as Iron and Phosphorus are often present in the soil but in forms that are insoluble to plants. Enzymes released by mycorrhizae fungi can significantly improve a plant’s ability to absorb the nutritional content of the soil.

If mycorrhizae fungi are natural, why do I need to apply it?

Much of the soil presently being used to raise crops in the United States has been adversely affected by the use of chemical fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizers have often applied without full appreciation of what the effects would be on the long-term fertility of the soil.

The goal was to grow plants NOW, this season! But what has happened is that with the deterioration of soil quality even greater quantities of chemicals are needed each year. This is unsustainable.

Synthetic fertilizers which consist of un-naturally high levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium destroy native mycorrhizal fungi.

How does Terra One take advantage of mycorrhizal fungi?

Terra One consists of a unique synthesis of mycorrhizae fungi intended to enhance the yields produced even from the very first season that it is applied to the soil. The aim of Terra One is to not only increase the profitability of raising crops for the farmer, but to provide a long-term sustainable alternative to environmentally-harmful products, including pesticides, acidic fertilizers and other toxic materials often applied by unaware farmers.

The fertility of soil is not just a matter of containing enough of the right nutrients in order to raise crops.

There is also an extraordinary amount of biological activity that is constantly taking place in the soil between fungi, bacteria, earthworms and microbes, and all of these processes can have significant effects on crops produced on that soil.Blended from naturally occurring species. There are no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

For best use Terra One HYC should be applied yearly, in order to replenish any biological material that might have been washed away. This will guarantee the continued fertility of one’s soil without the need to apply toxic materials that are harmful to the environment and human beings alike.

What are the results of using Terra One HYC?

Once plants have absorbed the nutritional content made available through Terra-One HYC, the effects include sturdier plants, a stronger system of roots, and improved organization in the soil. Farmers have reported that this not only results in increased plant health, but in higher brix levels and quality yields that enable them to maximize profitability.

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