SuperCal 98G

SuperCal-98G is a unique compound which consists of 98% calcitic limestone (calcium carbonate), a high-quality natural form of lime that I have found and it is NOP and OMRI approved!

For farmers, knowing the pH of the soil is one of the most important reasons that soil testing is recommended.

And testing has shown again and again just how effective SuperCal-98G performs in the field.

Most plants grow to their potential within soil that has a balanced pH of between 5.5 and 7, as this is the pH level when nutrient absorption will be at its most favorable level.

How does soil become too acidic?Typically, this happens in one of two ways. In areas in which there is an abundance of yearly rainfall, it is possible for acid content in the soil to build up through a process known a leaching. SuperCal-98 can reverse this problem.

Another common cause for high acid content in soil is as an effect of long-term usage of the soil by cattle, which leaves the soil lacking basic minerals.

What happens when soil is too acidic?

One problem in acidic soil is that it can become toxic from aluminum. In soil that has a balanced pH, aluminum is harmless for plant growth, but in acidic soil, it can cause serious issues. Aluminum is not a nutrient required for plant growth. It finds its way into the plant via osmosis through the plant’s roots.

Aluminum leads to severe damage in the roots themselves, as well as other extraneous problems, including disturbing the absorption of calcium, which is absolutely vital for healthy plant growth. If you are having this problem now is the time to try SuperCal-98G for yourself.

A similar problem occurs in acidic soil which holds the mineral manganese, which as opposed to aluminum, is a nutrient required for plant growth. In acidic soil with a pH of under 5.5, the toxicity of manganese can kill a plant’s leaves, among other negative effects. SuperCal-98 can handle can take care of this problem too.

Moreover, these problems aside, proper acidic content is critical for the proper absorption of a plant’s nutrients. This includes three basic categories: micronutrients, trace nutrients and macronutrients.

In order for the optimal quantities of these different nutrients to be absorbed, it is necessary for the pH of the soil to hover between 5.5 and 6.5 in most instances.

What can be done to correct the pH level of one’s soil? The most widespread method of increasing the pH of one’s soil is through the application of lime. SuperCal-98 is

The positive effects of liming correct the problems caused by high acidic content. In other words, liming leads towards increased nutrient absorption, allows for better absorption of water, and supplies both magnesium and calcium to plants.

Where does SuperCal 98G enter the picture?

SuperCal 98G is a unique compound which consists of 98% calcitic limestone (calcium carbonate), a high-quality natural form of lime. SuperCal 98G is pulverized into mesh form that resembles traditional fertilizer, which allows it to have an immediate effect as the fastest-acting lime supplement on the market.

Its effects will be felt almost immediately, and farmers have found that the pH level of their soil was raised to their proper measures within a year of applying SuperCal 98G.

SuperCal 98G is certified by the Organic Material Reviews Institute (OMRI) and approved for organic use within the United States. The pellet form of SuperCal 98G allows for faster solubility, an increase in microbial activity, and has even been found to reduce the need of chemical fertilizer.

As opposed to agricultural lime, since SuperCal 98G comes in pellet form, it is easier to apply directly to where it is most needed without disturbing the surrounding environment.

The economic and environmental benefits of SuperCal 98G have led to its rising popularity and increasingly common usage. As opposed to agricultural lime which typically takes a few years before the desires results are reached, SuperCal 98G has been leaving farmers satisfied after just one season.

Consequently, SuperCal-98G has positioned itself as a leader in quality liming products available on the market.

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