Serious Health Risks For Roundup!

Here's what you won't see listed on the package!

RoundUp, otherwise known as Glyphosphate is made by Monsanto. Below is an article reporting on the health of people who have been exposed to it. This is the same product being sold here in the United States. Wonder why you haven't heard about this in our country's news?

TORONTO (IPS/GIN) - U.S.-funded aerial sprayings of cocoa plantations in Colombia near the Ecuador border has severely damaged the DNA of local residents, according to a new study.

Blood samples from 24 Ecuadorians living within 2 miles of the northern border had between 600 percent and 800 percent more damage to their chromosomes than people living 50 miles away, found scientists from the Pontificia Catholic University in Quito, Ecuador.

The border residents who were tested had been exposed to the common herbicide glyphosate—sold by the U.S. agribusiness giant Monsanto under the brand Roundup—during a series of aerial sprayings by the Colombian government begun in 2000. The sprayings were part of “Plan Colombia,” an anti-drug and counterinsurgency program financed by Washington.

The Ecuadorians suffered a variety of ailments immediately following the spraying, including intestinal pain and vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, numbness, burning eyes and skin, blurred vision, difficulty in breathing and rashes, according to the study, which is to be published in the journal Genetics and Molecular Biology.

But the extensive damage to DNA found in the randomly selected individuals may activate the development of cancer or other developmental effects resulting in miscarriages, according to lead researcher César Paz y Miño, head of human molecular genetics at the Catholic University of Ecuador.

In general, everyone has some level of DNA damage due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, toxic chemicals and other factors. However, none of the 24 randomly selected individuals used tobacco, alcohol or nonprescription drugs, nor did they use other herbicides or pesticides that could have caused the extensive DNA damage observed, Mr. Paz y Miño told Tierramérica.

The concentration levels of Roundup were measured at more than 20 times the maximum recommended rate and may be the reason behind the adverse effect on the exposed individuals, he said. The effect was classified as “genotoxic,” which means it is capable of causing genetic mutation.

The blood samples were collected by Spanish doctor Adolfo Maldonado of the nongovernmental group Acción Ecológica, which since the beginning of this decade has been studying health, economic and social problems of Ecuadorian populations affected by the aerial herbicide spraying in neighboring Colombia.

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