Organic Nutrient Tea

Organic Nutrient Tea (ONT) is one of the most powerful forms of fertilizer available for organic gardeners and organic farming operations.

Sometimes called Earth Beer or Terra Cervesa, ONT is brewed to provide an incredible diversity of nutrients in a dense liquid form for easy application.

ONT is much more intense than compost tea products because of a wider range of available nutrients and minerals. Compost quality can vary tremendously between batches and thus quality of the resulting tea is can be suspect

With organic nutrient tea, fish meal is fermented under strict protocols so there is little variation from one batch to another. The same applies to the kelp that is used. Together these ingredients supply a wide range of nutrients, minerals and micro flora to rejuvenate your soil and provide the essential nutrition your plants need to flourish.

Earth Harvest, Organic Nutrient Tea
Packaged in an easy to use sprayer that attaches quickly and easily to your garden hose. Simply remove the shipping tab and you are ready to fertilize your entire garden and landscape. Earth Harvest is an approved by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and can be used by certified organic growing farms and growers so you know that it is safe for your organic garden as well.

Earth Harvest ONT is made exclusively by ICT Organics.
This fertilizer is exceptionally well balanced at 1-1-1. The nitrogen content is water soluble and does not rely on ammonical nitrogen like so many competitors. The available phosphorus is comprised of P205 and the soluble potash is K20. Each 32oz container will produce 32 gallons of organic fertilizer spray and will cover 16,000 square feet. Earth Harvest has a long and trusted history for specializing ONLY in organic products. They are one of the industries most recognized and respected manufacturers producing only high quality, superbly crafted organic products. All of their products are classified as “exempt” under EPA 25-b regulations. Originally available for only large scale commercial growers they have since expanded to help meet the demand from homeowners and smaller operations for quality organic products.

This product is easy to use and has a very pleasant aroma. It does not smell like fish! It is convenient to use as well. Just attach the spray container to your garden hose, turn on the water, open the valve and you are on your way to using one of the most powerful organic fertilizers that has ever been offered to the general public. You do not have to use it all at once so it is an extremely economical way to fertilize

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