Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care has become increasingly popular in recent years. With all the hype about global warming and the environment it seems like everybody is jumping on the band wagon in one way or another.
Why, even one of the national chemical franchises are now marketing their version of "natural" turf care. There's nothing like playing on both sides of the fence for a profit.

People are becoming increasingly aware that many commercial fertilzers actually contain "recycled" toxic waste and heavy metals and don't want it on their lawn. Federal law does NOT require anything to be on the label except the N-P-K amounts. The rest of the ingredients on the bag used as filler can be most anything.

There are a lot of company's looking to capitalize on this by marketing their products as "natural or green". I will not go so far as to make a blanket statement that this an attempt to be intentionally misleading, but if you are in a hurry and not paying attention you may not be getting what you think you are. This is especially true with fertilizers. Beware of the marketing ploy the uses the terms "made with" on the label.

Why does organic lawn care work so well?

The natural approach is to tailor fit a plan to meet your turfs specific needs. You can't ascertain what the soil needs by walking around and looking at it! Remember this when a phone solicitor offers you a free "analysis." The only to know is by soil testing!
Everything else is guess work and usually a waste of money. Ask a farmer or professional grower and they will tell you the importance of soil testing. They will also tell you that they can't afford not to, their survival depends on it!

Don't settle for a "one chemical fits all approach". Realize that these services are going to put the same mixture of chemicals on your grass as they are on your neighbors down the street. There is a lot more to growing a healthy, lush turf than that.

There is NO miracle product that is going to somehow cheat time and circumvent mother nature. The "weed free" lawn is a myth and the golf course turf is not going to happen unless your paying a professional crew to maintain it.

Just ask Earl McGhee. Earl is an AOLCP Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP) with 30 years experience. He has the experience and training to help you convert your you to organic lawn care and get the outstanding results that you have been trying to get for years. Earl is your host at

I have prepared more soil test reports and recommendations than any other person your likely to find. Building a healthy, lush green lawn is a matter of using the correct organic materials to build your soil fertility the way nature intended it. It's that simple. Don't buy anything until you have a copy of your soil test report in hand.


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