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Happy Valentines Day

Harvesting Heirloom Potatoes

Just when I thought all the gardening was done for the year I realized that I still had some potatoes left in the ground.

harvesting heirloom Potatoes

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Pumpkins at Jones Orchard in Millington, TN

Late Harvest of Heirloom Tomatoes

 photo 7f2fb614-f153-4e98-ad9c-9f69a4538711_zpsa12c12e2.jpg

This tomato plant was self-seeded from last years crop but it had a very late start.
The cooler evening temperature has been a welcome respite to sweltering Memphis Sun.
If I am lucky (knocking on my Maple desk) I may get another four weeks! production.

Create A Butterfly Garden!

Hey, you go through this every year!
You want to do something different but you can't come up with anything that really inspires you.

It's time to create a Butterfly Garden and add some beauty to your backyard paradise.

The beautiful blooms will attract even more beautiful butterflies. A butterfly garden will inspire and entertain you for hours as they feed and pollinate the rest of your gardens!

Visitors will be captivated! It will be the garden that everyone will want to come hang out in.

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Surgery with a Hatchet

No it's not the latest Prey novel by Sanford, it is taking control of overgrown hostas. Which sounds a lot easier than it really is.


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The First Knockout Roses of 2013

knock out roses

Captivating Red Tulips

I think this may be the last of the Spring bloomers this year.
Last week it was nearly 90 degrees out and I even got sunburned!
Last night I had to go out and cover the raised beds because we got a hard freeze (well past the last frost date)
I believe summer is ready to start with a vengeance here in the Mid-South.

red tulips


lavendar tulips


lavendar tulips

Nano Technology Meets Agriculture

Bio-was, nano-technology,agriculture

Bio-wash is one of a handful of bio-nanotech products that are gaining momentum and acceptance by farmers from coast to coast.

I'll not bore you with facts about nano-technology being used to engineer particles on a molecular size. Nor will I try to elucidate how it is all explained by Quantum Physics. All I want to bring to your attention is that there are a lot of farmers who are saying that it is the biggest advance in crop science of their lifetime.

Did I mention that it is ALL NATURAL?

While these may seem new to you and I, bio-nano engineered products have been in R&D for nearly two decades.

These nano-engineered products have been extensively tested with every major crop in the United States on hundreds of farms.

Here is the really important part: They are non-toxic, approved by the USDA for use in certified organic operations and are listed with the OMRI!

This isn't a couple fly-by-night sellers with a new magic elixir.

I just got some in last week and I am looking forward to doing my own testing this year.

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Mycorrhizal Fungi,hyphae,mycelium

What appears as some kind of white fuzz to the naked eye is revealed in this photo zoomed to 300%. The tiny thread-like tendrils you see here are called hyphae and they form the body of the fungus which is called the mycelium.

Mycorrhiza fungi form a symbiotic exchange with the roots of plants where nutrients are interchanged between plant and organism.

Mycorrhizal Fungi,hyphae,mycelium

The hyphae are known to secrete enzymes and acids which break down organic material down into simple molecules that they can easily absorb.

You won't find this in the sterilized bag of potting soil from the bulk mart. These microscopic life forms are the building blocks of life and if they are lacking in your soil then you are going to have a sickly, weak plants that are vulnerable to disease and insects.

Starting Seeds

germinating seed root hairs

Starting seed indoors is a great way to give your tomatoes a jump start on the coming season.

It's February and for me that means that the time to start seeds is rapidly approaching.

In less than three weeks I will be planting my tomatoes by the light of a full moon. If you think that a full moon effects people you should see what it does for seeds!

The physical transformations are enough to entertain even the most ardent Twilight fan.

Our agrarian ancestors understood that there are cycles to Nature and used to pass this knowledge on to their children. (But then we all got educated)

Fortunately we can still check with The Farmers Almanac!

Feeling the Effects of the Holiday Diet?

Did you know that Wheatgrass is the most nutrient-dense plant known to man? I grow it so that I can juice it!
I am convinced that it is one of the best things I can do to rebuild healthy cells while enjoying excellent cleansing properties.

I got bored waiting to start tomato seeds so I decided to start a new crop of wheatgrass n the meanwhile.

So.. how did the Wheat-grass seed make out?

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Organic Cucumbers

organic cucumbers

Have you ordered your seed yet?

I just got done ordering seed for this years raised bed gardens.

It is hard to believe but it will be time to start sowing organic tomatoes here in Zone One Climate in just a few short weeks! I have only one word for that...
HOORAY! I can't wait to get started!

What Climate Zone are you in?

What is the best time for your to start seeds indoors or out?

Find out your ideal time to start seedlings indoors and when the best times to transplant here

Don't forget all the other healthy and nutritious vegetables that are available for you to plant!

One of my favorite vegetables is cucumbers.
While they do not share the popularity of the tomato,can you imagine a salad without them?
Cucumbers are great to eat raw or with sandwiches when they are pickled.

P.S. Don't forget to order your seed!

Start composting this Winter

Bokashi will allow you to compost any organic waste indoors using nothing more than a sealed bucket!

It is a process of fermentation that preserves all of the nutrients, minerals and trace elements contained in organic waste.

Once it is incorporated into your soil it quickly breaks down rapidly providing an excellent fertilizer for your organic vegetables.


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Need A Break From Winter

Take three seconds to remember how nice summer is going to feel again.

Garden Soil

Garden Soil

Your garden soil is where it all begins. This will show you how to make the best of it no matter what kind of soil problems you currently have.

It is important to realize that in order to grow healthy vegetables you first must have healthy soil. This is the foundation of your entire garden so you want to make it as strong as possible.

Very few areas have naturally fertile soil, so the only way to get it is to do it yourself. Here is my step by step guide. It will save you time, money and a lot of aggravation in the long run!

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Lessons from the Garden

It's time for a few lessons from an organic garden. When I look around at the current happenings in America I can't help but think we could be doing so much better if we could get past the emotional hyperbole and look at things truthfully.

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Aeroponics Update

Just a quick update on the recent experiment with ultrasonic fogging. In the article, "Aeroponics on the Cheap that I published here recently, I showed how I set up a propagation box for rooting cuttings. Here is what the roots are looking like today. The new roots are looking very good and I am pleased with the results. Read about the project here


Feeding Time

butterfly feeding

"I love the smell of nectar in the morning"

Fall is on the way

Remember, chemicals kill more than just pesky weeds.