Orca Premium Mycorrhizae Liquid

Orca Premium Mycorrhizae Liquid is a concentrated biological booster that increases the ability of plant roots to absorb moisture and nutrients resulting in healthier plants with higher yields.

Mycorrhizae are fungi that naturally thrive in soil and play a significant role in boosting the absorption of water and key nutrients into plants.


Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae can help protect plants by stifling diseases in the plants themselves. On a purely natural level, the role of mycorrhizae fungi cannot be overstated. They are a necessary biological component that promotes healthy plant growth and development.

One of the unintended and harmful consequences of chemical fertilize has been the reduction in the ability of mycorrhizae fungi to perform their role.

While chemical fertilizers are intended to enhance the nutrient content of the soil and ultimately product larger yields, their effect on mycorrhizae fungi has been severely negative.

Mycorrhizae fungi naturally occur on the plant roots and create an organic link between the soil and the plant itself. Essentially, mycorrhizae fungi originate from the roots and branch out onto the soil, where they can help in the absorption of water and nutrients, sending them back to the plant.

Moreover, Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae helps create a situation favorable to the presence of beneficial microbes and bacteria which further stimulate healthy maturation for plants.

However not all mycorrhizae fungi are ideal for all types of plants. This is why the optimal scenario would be the selection of fungi based on a number of variables particular to the individual farmer, such as nutritional content of the soil, its pH and chemical balance.

Many of the mycorrhizae fungi found in the soil are not always in a location amicable for effective plant growth. For example, the mycorrhizae fungi may be located further from the plant’s roots than optimal, and the result is the delaying of the development of useful mycorrhizae. This delay can cause significant impediments in plant growth, and that is why farmers are turning to products like Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae.

Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae provides a highly concentrated form of mycorrhizae fungi intended to boost plant growth and overall health. It contains four different types of mycorrhizae fungi which work together in a highly effective and direct manner. additionally there are eleven different types of bacterial microbes which stimulate the health of the plant’s root in particular.

With the mycorrhizae fungi and microbes working in conjunction with one another, the effect on the plants are threefold:

  1. a more established plant
  2. Improved soil structure
  3. Vibrant root structure multiplied many times over.

Farmers are reporting the enhanced system of roots leads to a greater absorption of nutrients and water into the plant, resulting in more profuse flowering.Another advantage of using a product with highly concentrated mycorrhizae fungi and microbes is that it will reduce the need to use fertilizer to produce the same yields.Besides the environmental benefits of applying organic and nutritionally-rich content into the soil, there is the added benefit of applying smaller amounts of fertilizers, which are often harmful both to the environment and to humans.Orca Premium Liquid should be used once every two weeks, and should be applied for optimal results up until one month prior to harvest.There have been very impressive results observed after application of Orca Premium Liquid with various crops including garlic, corn, grapevines, rosemary, red onion, wheat, sorghum and other commonly grown crops.Since mycorrhizae fungi are typically not found in compost—unless the compost contained plant roots which hosted such fungi—organic-minded farmers in particular are turning to such products.These fungi can live for extremely long periods of time if they are not killed off by chemical application. Orca Premium Liquid is a sensible choice for those looking to enhance root systems through sustainable means.

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