Medina Liquid Fish Fertilizer

In order for plants to grow to their full potential, they need to be able to properly absorb several different types of nutrients from the soil.

So if they are not there to begin with your  plants are not likely to reach their full potential. They certainly are not going to provide you with a good yield.

 Botanists typically break down the categories of important nutrients into three groups: 

  1. micro nutrients,
  2. macro nutrients 
  3. secondary nutrients.

The problem arises in that one’s soil very rarely contains the required amounts of all of these nutrients.
In order for one’s plants to absorb these minerals, it is up to the planter to actively enhance his or her own soil.

Boosting the nutrient content in one’s soil is perhaps the single most significant work a grower can do and the first choice  is whether to use chemical or organic fertilizer.

We now are fully aware of the environmental damage caused by chemical fertilizers: while in the short term they will appear to do nothing more than stimulate plant growth, in the long run chemical fertilizers will exhaust many of the nutrients from one’s soil. Needless to say, this causes long-lasting ecological damage to the earth.

Contrary to chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers will replenish the nutrients in the soil, providing an environmentally conscious solution in the short-term and long-term simultaneously.

It is therefore unsurprising that organic fertilizers have become increasingly more popular in recent years, aided by the fact their prices have been reduced sharply as well!
There are further advantages to this fertilizer such as well. While chemical fertilizers provide little more than a quick burst of nutrients to one’s plants, organic fertilizers allow for plants to absorb nutrients through a considerably more natural process.

Consequently, plant growth will be enhanced for a longer period of time, while also increasing the plants’ abilities to retain water and other important nutrients, providing for stable growth over time.

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