Life Changing Moment

Life changes come small and sometimes they come big.

Recently, I had another of those life changing moments. It had been a long hard day and I was as tired, stressed and wound up as I could get. Then just like that I was in the most intense pain I ever experienced. I saw the faces of my children play before my eyes - the world going fuzzy as the life was being slowly crushed out of my chest. I don’t know if it ever made it passed my lips but the thought was there, “Help me Jesus, I’m not ready to die yet. I have too much left to do!”

Everything I thought I knew. All my priorities got up and played a round of musical chairs. It was if my entire existence was contained within dozens of file folders that were unceremoniously dumped in a box and then shaken, kicked and tossed until there was nothing but utter chaos inside.

I realize like never before that each day truly is a gift and I have no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow. I guess that is why I feel so pressed now to become so much more involved and vocal about the passion that was put inside of me.

So, allow me to get to it.

The simple fact is that we face a very real and a growing threat to our national security. Now, I know what you're thinking, so please, hold that thought for a moment and continue reading.
Forget about predictions that portend doomsday scenarios and warn of global catastrophe thousands of years in the future. I am talking about a crisis that is already at epidemic proportions - RIGHT NOW!

Right now as you are reading this the very micro organisms we need to grow are being eradicated by the use of a chemical named Glyphosphate.

If we don’t go back to God’s plan of growing crops and cycling nutrients back into the soil, we will experience a drop in crop production unseen since the dust-bowl. There is just no way to get around it.
Simultaneously, diseases like Fulsarium are already ravaging everything from crops to landscaping and lawns.

Former Perdue University professor Don Huber published a paper reporting on the dangers of using Glyphosphate (AKA Round-UP)on crops in 2009. His research which spans three decades was (not surprisingly) largely ignored in the main stream media. But when it did get noticed he was mocked by those who are paid off for thier services. While there is no study presented that can prove any nautral benefit that occurs with the use of the chemical Glyphosphate, critics resort to personal attacks and inuendo.
Huber states, "Glyphosphate significantly increases the severity of various plant diseases and impairs the plants natural defenses against pathogens, most notably Fusarium."
Meanwhile Monsanto, producers of Gylphosphate, simply beefed up thier PR campaign and marketed increasing amounts of Glyphosphate to the american farmer.

The last ten years or so we have watched helplessly as Bees and other pollinators have been decimated. We see dead birds and wildlife in our fields. Even our waterways are dead from chemicals that have leeched off farmland and suburban lawns.

I am truly convinced if American farmers and gardeners alike don’t take immediate action we will experience a continued desolation of our nations crop production before the end of this decade.
Obviously I have personal reasons to believe that there is a not a lot of time left for talk. That is exactly why I have decided to take an active role with Agra-Cycle, Inc. Agra-Cycle is a non profit organization based here in Memphis Tennessee. They provide educational and research opportunities while promoting sustainable agriculture. For more information please visit

Organic growing sounds great but it is hard to talk people out of their chemical fertilizers and weed killers when they have no organic alternatives. By establishing sustainable recycling of organic waste we increase supply, lower cost, and take a proactive approach to promoting sustainable agriculture and organic gardening in our region. When we divert organic waste from the landfill and process it naturally through composting, we cycle vital organic nutrients back into the soil "the way it was designed to work."

Copyright 2011 Greg Traver

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