Lessons from an Organic Garden

It's time for a few lessons from an organic garden. When I look around at the current happenings in America I can't help but think we could be doing so much better if we could get past the emotional hyperbole and look at things truthfully.

As a publisher of an organic website, I get a lot of correspondence from organizations that espouse the feel good notions of going green and protecting the environment. You would think that we would have a lot in common, however the truth be told we are as different as night and day.
As I read the information from many of these sources, I am amazed at the amount of sheer propaganda (that is to say lies) that I find coming from the going green crowd and the environmentalist movement.

On the surface many of these groups seem to represent admirable and worth while causes, but you don't have to read very far to discover the true agenda. Under the shallow veneer is a hatred and an utter contempt of capitalism.
But you won't find it stated quite so bluntly. Beneath the guise of a love for animals and the great outdoors lies the embrace of socialism. It is typically presented as an emotionally charged tale of some animal or plant that is allegedly on the brink of extinction and that we must act now and impose new laws and regulations. Rarely, if ever, are the these accounts analyzed for truthfulness or accuracy. To question them is to be castigated as a heartless person that has no regard for nature or wildlife. It's "GOTCHA" journalism at it finest, similar to asking a public figure if they have stopped beating their wife yet.

The problem is nearly always presented on a variation of the popular preschool anthem, “it’s not fair.”
One of lessons that these organizations could learn from an organic garden is life is not fair. Sometimes a hailstorm destroys your crop (or wind, drought or floods)

Your organic garden is not politically correct. It does not give a hoot how sincere or right you feel you are. Faced with having to grow our own food to survive, far too many would end up standing in a patch of weeds, pointing their fingers at their neighbors flourishing gardens and whining, that’s not fair! To make matters worse, rather than learn a valuable lesson, they would demand that their neighbors give them a portion of what they have worked for.

I believe the above scenario is a fairly close analogy to what you can see all around us today. People who have screwed up their garden (life) and demanding that they have a portion of our garden to live because that would only be fair. They call that social justice. I call it theft!

I am so sick of that tired old cliche, "Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." That sounds great doesn’t it? But if we truly believe that to be truth, why do we continue to hand out fish every month?
Some like to conveniently disregard the Law of Natural Selection and prop-up those that choose to destroy their lives, while fleecing those that live responsibly all under the banner of fairness.

Today, personal responsibility seems to be a foreign concept and earning what you want is not virtue that is widely embraced. It is much easier to point the finger and blame someone else rather consider that the problem resides in the man in the mirror.

America now has a large segment of society that believes that they are owed or entitled to something simply because they are breathing.

We see nations like Greece and Italy on the brink of insolvency because they spend more than they produce. What are their greatest expenditures? Bloated government payroll and retirement programs and vast social programs for the "under-privileged" There just aren't enough evil capitalist businesses to pay for them.

In America we have much the same problem. A bloated government bureaucracy that is paid nearly double of what the private sector can afford and hell bent of increasing the number of people they can cover with entitlements. Why doesn't sustainability apply to them? Socialism hasn't worked in any other country that has ever adopted it, how is it we became so ignorant of historical fact to think that it could here?

15 TRILLION in debt (and growing) Sooner or later the invoice is going to come due. Now may be a good time to start learning how to grow an organic garden for your family. It may be one of the best investments you make.

Whenever man has had the audacity to think he can alter nature and make it better it has led to disastrous results. We have thousands of acres of cropland that are no longer capable of supporting crops because synthetic chemicals have destroyed soil fertility. Genetically Modified Organisms (seeds) are now being linked to disease and mutations in humans and animals. Man is beginning to reap what he has sown.

It is easy to get so worn down with it all to the point that you just want to tune it all out. But I am not going to leave you on a bad note. I want you to know that all is not lost because I have saved the greatest lesson for last.
God made this world. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to give us a message of true Hope. He has promised to save us and bless our efforts if we simply follow the principles of Truth revealed in His Word.

I practice organic gardening because I believe that it is part of being a good steward of what He has entrusted to us. I am not an evangelist. In fact I have never written about this publicly before. All I can say with certainty is that God may be trying to talk to you. Why not give yourself some quiet time over the next few days to meditate on that? If you seek the Truth, it will be revealed to you. Not in words, but in understanding.

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