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Hi, my name is Greg Traver and I am your host here at Organic Gardening For Life. My intent is to write with the beginner in mind as well as to the experienced grower who is looking for new practical information in an easy to use, interactive environment. For those who have no experience with organic gardening it can be a daunting challenge to learn what works versus the marketing hype.
This website is all about making as much factual information available to as many people as possible. (The underlying truth is that it is all part of Greg's diabolical plan to convert as many people as possible to organic gardening!)

What is the big deal about organic gardening?
Well, there are many so pull up a chair.

  • There are a variety of ways to enjoy organic gardening from a near endless choice of vegetables and fruit, herbs, spices, trees, shrubs, ornamentals, lawn and even water gardens.

  • There are several different styles and formats to choose from. Raised beds, containers, balcony and patio gardens, backyard gardens even field crops.

  • The nutritional value of organically grown food is vastly superior to that of genetically modified organisms (GMO's)because they are not naturally designed to be digested and absorbed by our bodies.

  • Organic gardening allows you to take personal responsibility for your health and your environment, right in your own back yard!

  • It builds soil fertility, a must for growing healthy, nutritious produce, while creating a mini carbon sequestration project.

  • Gardeners experience lowered stress and anxiety levels

  • It provides plenty of invaluable teaching moments for children. (Don't throw that bug in your sister's hair, Don't step on the cantaloupes, Don't pull the blooms off the tomatoes)

  • It reduces your overall grocery expense and you don't need a coupon!

  • It provides an additional revenue stream for those who excel. If you can grow a little, you can grow a lot.

  • You can even grow organic produce without soil! Why not consider exploring hydroponic gardening this year when the weather turns against you?

  • It gives your neighbors something to talk about. "Honey, That Greg Traver is out there again just staring at those roses and I swear that's a firearm under his shirt!

    How did I learn so much about organic gardening and sustainable agriculture?
    Trial and error mostly, combined with A LOT of independent study and research.

    It all began a long, long time ago when I was twenty nine... and no one had ever heard of a blog.

    I was a robust and rowdy kind of guy, but that changed overnight when I began hemorrhaging. Awakened in the night with an urgent call I laid it off to some excess of food or drink until an hour later when I was up again. What I thought was Montezuma’s revenge was actually internal bleeding. After two weeks in the hospital, I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I had two surgeries and eight hospitalizations that very first year.
    1991 was not a great year for me. It was a terrible, painful, fearful and confusing time. I was taking a total of eight different prescription drugs. Some were merely prescribed to deal with the debilitating side effects of others! How sick is that?
    Three years into the fun and games I decided that if I was going to be sick that was one thing, but I wasn’t going to kill myself off anymore with the debilitating side effects of these very intense drugs.
    So I flushed them down the toilet. The problem with drugs like prednisone, you just do not decide to go cold turkey! So please talk with your doctor (and your spouse before you do this) I tell you this so that you don’t make the same type of mistake. I was very fortunate but you may not be.
    So don't go to your Dr. and tell him, "But, Greg Traver said..."

    That was the first of many of trail and errors in my pursuit to get some kind of control over my health and have a life. After some time I realized that I was getting my mental focus back and got some clarity. I began reading everything I could find about alternatives to chemically based medicines. My first great discovery and what was key in my recovery was

    juicing I will never forget the day I brought home my first juicing machine. I chose Red Delicious apples for the inaugural run. Wow! It was a most pleasurable euphoric rush of energy and it changed my life.

    Another passion in my life,

    Natural Herbs For Cooking And Homeopathy. And of course, all grown organically!

    This is a favorite place to find herbal information. "Look up information on specific herbs, find herbal remedies for specific ailments and learn to make your own tinctures, oils, salves, infusions, etc..."
    Home Herbal Remedies Info

    I encourage you to expand your horizons read something new then try something different and eat healthy! I recently read about the anti-fungal properties of olive leaves and I thought I had seen it all. It just goes to show you that you can never stop learning and searching! The truth is just waiting for you to find it.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to Organic Gardening For Life.
    All The Best,
    Greg Traver

    Organic Gardening Blog.

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