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Going Green and Environmental Jobs are all the rage in case you haven’t heard. It seems as though everyone has a clever list of "How To Conserve And Help Save The Environment." Unfortunately most of these ideas lack any real depth and focus more on slowing down the rate of pollution rather than actually doing anything about it.

Most of us have heard a lot about high tech green projects that were going to create new environmental jobs. Solar and Wind technology has yet to be profitable in the private sector but for some reason our government believes that it can pass a mandate, throw billions of dollars of tax revenues into funding and it will be so. The bitter fact remains that most of these projects are simply unsustainable. Going green and environmental jobs programs have worked exceptionally well for those consultants and contractors who got their hands on all that money. What they actually have accomplished for the environment is yet another story.

( As I am writing this article, Evergreen and Freemont Solar have already filed for bankruptcy, and the much lauded Solydra, the crown jewel of the Obama Administration, has just announced this morning that they are seeking bankruptcy protection and are laying off 1,100 workers )

It would seem that if you want to do something that actually works to reduce pollution and clean up the air, then you have to do it yourselves. That revelation was the impetus for Agra-Cycle, Inc., a non profit chartered in Memphis, TN on September 01, 2009. Recently the Environmental-Expert.com sent out a press release reporting,

“Agra-Cycle announces carbon sequestration project likely to become the largest landfill reduction strategy in Tennessee State history, composting a projected 10 million tons of organic waste by 2022."

Using EPA computations this will eliminate approximately 7 million tons of Methane gas. Each ton of composted organic waste absorbs hundreds of times its weight in atmospheric carbon, making it one of the most efficient methods of carbon sequestration known to man.

"Agra-Cycle's mission is to educate and empower our community about sustainable agricuture as a foundation for sustainable communites.”

Agra-Cycle has designed what has become known as the next generation of in-vessel composting systems. They call it the Vee-Stack, a vertical composting unit capable of processing over 10 tons of organic waste per day and transforming it into a natural organic soil amendment. Composting puts nutrients, minerals, trace elements and micro-organisms back into the soil where they began, thus completing the cycle.

As it turns out Agra-Cycle doesn’t look at this as a huge composter, they view the Vee-Stack as “an enormous incubator designed to propagate hyper-thermophillic bacteria and fungi.” These high temperature micro-organisms are much more efficient in breaking down lignin and fibers that plague typical composting systems.

Inspired by Peter Rutherford and Vertical Composting Technologies. Agra- Cycle felt that vertical composting was the answer they were looking for until they looked at the price tag and shipping costs.

“For this project to be sustainable we had to first find a way to build a vertical composting unit at a fraction of the current cost. This led to a completely different paradigm for constructing in-vessel composting systems.The Vee-Stack is largely made of recycled materials. We looked to other industries who were already building something we could incorporate. One such discovery is a ceramics technology developed by NASA . This breakthrough in insulating capabilities, increases the efficiency and enables the Vee-Stack to operate at temperatures unmatched by other methods. The unique design of this unit allows self aeration, referred to as the chimney effect, so there is no need for a blower to operate.

Agra-Cycle plans to offer this as a service first to clients in the agricultural sector and then the general public. As a service there is only a monthly expense commensurate with typical waste management services. There will be no equipment to buy and no employees to train. The result is a truly effective landfill diversion strategy for any company that produces large amounts of organic waste.

For now Agra-Cycle continues to raise the last few thousand dollars to complete the new design and begin testing. They are looking to form a strategic alliance with local cotton gins who are looking for a sustainable method for dealing with their annual production of gin trash. They get to field test their new design and the gin gets a commodity from their waste in return. “Of course our hope is that the compost makes it way back to the fields of a local farmer.”

This is an incredible PR opportunity for those who partner with Agra-Cycle to reach the 2022 deadline.

“What excites us the most is helping to create new jobs in our community while doing something that has a real impact on our environment. With tons of organic matter available for bulk applications it becomes much easier to accomplish our mission of promoting sustainable agriculture as a foundation for sustainable communities.

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