Essentria-G Granular Insecticide

Essentria-G is a natural based alternative to synthetic chemicals that carry several risks to both humans and soil fertility. While insecticides are recognized as playing a necessary role in the production of healthy plants, it is clear that not all insecticides are created equal.

Many traditionally used insecticides that are chemically based not only kill the targeted insects, but also have devastating effects on local birds, animals and the land itself.

This is a serious problem especially considering that most insecticide is applied through inaccurate sprays, leading to the drifting of these often toxic chemicals to unintended areas.

Traditionally, insecticides contained arsenic-based compounds or lead, which we now understand are extremely toxic to human health and ecological sustainability.

There is a growing movement to replace these insecticides with more natural alternatives that would repel insects while still refraining from causing any type of unintended ecological harm.

Essential-G Granular Insecticide is one such alternative now available on the market. It is composed of a rich combination of essential oils found in plants.

Essential oils are extracted from certain plants through a process known as distillation, a technique for dividing compounds usually through the use of steam.
Distillation is a physical process, not a chemical reaction, and the essential oils that are produced have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes.

Presently, there is a growing interest in using essential oils as a safer alternative to traditionally toxic insecticides and not just in sustainable agriculture.

Essential oils can play several helpful roles in the growth and development of plants, allowing planters to grow their crops to their maximum potential.

Moreover, essential oils could be of further use in aiding the proper maintenance of evaporation in a plant and in attracting particular insects through their scent for pollination.

The most important role that essential oils can fulfill in promoting the health of plants, however, is in serving as a natural insecticide protecting the plant against harmful insects.

How does Essentria-G Granular Organic Insecticide function as natural insecticides?

The active ingredients in Essential-G Granular Insecticide act by inhibiting the neurotransmitters known as the neuronal octopamine receptors.

Only insects have octopamine receptors so it is harmless to children, pets and the environment.

These are the transmitters in charge of maintaining communication within the central nervous system of insects, and their disruption leads to ineffective communication in the insect, thereby shielding one’s plants.

The benefit of a product like this is that it will only attacks the octopamine receptors of insects which are destructive to crops, while not affecting birds.

Consequently, Essential-G Granular Insecticide is a great deal safer than traditional insecticides which have caused harm to vertebrates and invertebrates alike.

Made from the essential oils from particular plants, Essential-G Granular Insecticide allows for the targeting of insects (ants, cockroaches, crickets, centipedes, fleas, etc) while also remaining ecologically safe for the surrounding environment.

Essential-G Granular Insecticide should only be used outdoors, and can spread as easily as any other granular product. It is particularly useful in areas in which sustainability and organic gardening are encouraged, but can also be of considerable use in perimeters around buildings and in landscaped gardens.

With a clean scent, effective targeting of insects and overall ease of use, it is no wonder that many sustainable growers are turning to Essential G Granular Insecticide.

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