EcoPCO JET X is an Organic Insecticide by EcoSmart is formulated for professional pest control operators. It provides immediate kill of stinging insects from up to fifteen feet away. High Dielectric Safe for use around electrical equipment, Leaves no visible residue.

This is my choice for stinging insects that show up unexpectedly in the lawn and garden. More than once one of my daughters will come running because there is a wasp or bee in their playhouse. There is no way that I am going to spray a "bug killer" from the hardware store! I don't want my children risking exposure to some of the most toxic chemicals on the market today. However, having thought ahead of time I get my can of JET X and knock that bugger right out of his socks! It only takes one hit to put them down, you don't have to keep spraying them. EcoSmart products work on what scientists call the Octopamine sensors that only insects have. Since insects are the only creatures that have these sensors it is harmless to mammals, children & pets and is environmentally safe!

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